Twinkler is an online, realtime radio coverage application for 2/3/4/5G networks.
It is now available for public testing at !
Mobile Coverage
Check out our Mobile Coverage website and the overview video
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For organisations that want more from their data and IT systems.

Analytics in the Cloud

Using the DBoss™ platform we analyse big data sets to provide insights, recommendations as well as ongoing web-based analytic services.

Data Visualisation

We work with our customers to get the most meaningful visualisations of their data. This can be a one-off project or in an ongoing operational dashboard.


Extensive experience in the IT and Telecoms industries allows us to provide our clients with independent and thorough consulting services.

We use our experience and DBoss™ platform to add value to your data.
Our DBoss reference site


The Mobile Coverage website is a demonstration of the DBoss™ platform. Every day it predicts the mobile coverage of all Australian mobile operators and presents coverage data in a unique interactive web interface.


We listen to you, to understand your specific circumstances and requirements.

Our work is always tailored to you and we only work to templates when it saves you money.

Our advice is considered and honest.

Our charging is transparent and understandable.

Your satisfaction is always our priority.

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